Best rifle scope – The Ultimate Editor’s Choice

Do you want to go for hunting this summer? Or maybe you want to start your shooting practices for long distances? Then you must need to buy good quality and the best rifle scope. With the help of the best rifle scope, you will be able to point out your target from a very far distance and point the exact shot direction.

Best rifle scope

This could be the best thing for you to get yourself one of the best scopes by which you can get the experience of wonderful hunting and shooting. Here in this article, we will show you the top rifle scope reviews to get the idea of which one would provide you better coverage and other features.

So, you need to read out the whole article just in case to grab the best piece of top rifle scopes to maximize your hunting yet shooting power. These top-rated rifle scopes have come with their own main benefits and features so that you can choose the one according to your needs.

Now, stop wasting your time on searching different stores and online sites for the best rifle scope, you can easily get the one from our 9 products. We will show you the amazing best rifle scopes for the money so that you can pick up the one that matches your budget and wallet.

So, let’s move to the review section below and find out the best rifle scope for your next hunting and shooting experiences, you will surely like all of them.

Top 9 Best Rifle Scopes

1. Athlon Optics, Argos BTR, Riflescope, 6-24 x 50 First Focal Plane (FFP) 30 mm Tube

This is the best rifle scope for you which actually provide you with a wide range of magnification settings so that you can easily shifting from 6x to 24x. And of course, it may give you the first focal plane reticle. However, this is the best budget rifle scope for you, which also has the overall magnification levels to be combined with a 50mm objective lens, by which you can get a lavish field of view.

This is the best rifle scope with sharp focus so that you can get brilliant zoom levels. Although, you may get the magnification range and as well as the 50mm objective lens, that could be the perfect reason for your long-range shooting experience.

Furthermore, the lenses on the scope also have come with the fully multicoated and along with exclusive XPL material to further provide you with the excellent light transmission. And as well as, it will also improve the actual sight picture and show you the real contrast.

It may also provide you with the coating benefit that could help you in a manner to show you the exact targeting spot that actually gets blends in among the environment. You will love to have this long range best rifle scope for your long range shooting. Whereas, the lens coating also very helpful to protects the optics from scratch damage and grease.



This rifle scope is all shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof, and of course, the scope is usable in effectively any weather condition. So now, just use this brilliant scope for your next hunting and get the best results ever.


The rest of the riflescope is too durable, whereas, the scope has been made with a tube of aircraft-grade aluminum to offer you with the model superior automated integrity.

Adjustable parallax:

You may also find a knob which helps to adjust parallax on the scope’s left-hand side easily. However, you can get the absolute Parallax adjustment and as well as the elimination are particularly useful at more very ranges.

  • Great optics and coating
  • A good field of view
  • The reticle is etched and illuminated.
  • Lightly low eye relief.
Bottom line

If you are a lover of long range shooting, then you must buy this best rifle scope which helps you to target your shots without any difficulty.

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane, 30mm Tube Riflescopes

Another best rifle scope has a reticle on the available second focal plane. So, now that means the scope will never change sizes at the time when you switch between its magnification levels of 6x-24x. This could be one of the best gun scopes for you, which gives you a reticle that is also a dead hold BDC variety.

However, due to its BDC variety, you can make excellent long range shooting. And as well as you will be able to use further the unique vertical estimation hash marks which can be seen on the BDC reticle to account for elevation changes easily.

Just grab the piece of this best rifle scope which also provide you with a knob that is available on the scope’s left-hand side to conveniently allow you with the advantage of removing parallax completely. And of course, you may get the greater image focus, particularly at long ranges.

In addition to this, the lenses appear on the scope have come under a fully multicoated to instantly provide you with excellent scratch protection. Also, you can experience with the exceptional light transmission. When you view through its eyepiece, you will witness to get clear and bright views with absolute color contrast.


Good eye relief:

This is the best rifle scope to provide you with its four inches of eye relief. Now, you can view it with better coverage and can able to target long range shooting just like a pro. The eye box has made with the unique design in which it has coordinating fast-focus eyepiece. Whereas, this eyepiece will surely help you to catch your target instantly without losing control or focus.

Quite durable:

However, the scope is also very durable in material and made with the strong aircraft-grade aluminum to improve its lifespan. And of course, it is all waterproof and shockproof by which you can able to start shooting and hunting even in the harshest weather conditions.

Measurement settings:

Yes, it may also provide you with the MOA measurement settings. This feature will help you to view your shots and target even in the low light moments.

  • Good eye relief
  • Excellent BDC reticle
  • Durable and Bright optics
  • It has a Dim center dot.
Bottom line

So, you should choose this best budget-friendly rifle scope when you get a chance to explore your hunting targets without any weather fear.

3. Nikon Monarch 3 BDC Riflescope, Black, 4-16×42

Nikon always provides us with the best-rated rifle scopes where you may get the features like its magnification range from between 4x and 16x. Also, you may get this 42 mm objective lens, whereas, the lens may have coated under an Ultra ClearCoat Optical material so that it could give you with its 95% light transmission.

This is the best choice for you to get this affordable scope, which is reasonable and offer you its unique features ahead. However, this is the best rifle scope, which is also very excellent in performance and as well as allows you to get a very bright sight picture even.

Although, here is another amazing feature inside the scope where you may experience with the excellent BDC type reticle. The reticle is really good enough for firing exceeding your zeroed range at very higher power. So, why not give this best rifle scope a try which helps you never to miss your target again.

Also, don’t forget to notice its four inches eye relief piece which is available for your easiness and comfortable shooting experience. This eye relief piece will simply be allowing you to target your spot and shoot it instantly without missing to any point at all.


Instant zero-reset turrets:

So, with the help of this amazing feature, you can easily be able to further adjust the scope just along with several instant zero-reset turrets. However, you can easily and more conveniently adjust your elevation or as well as windage calculations above the fly.

Side focus knob:

This feature is here to provide you with the parallax adjustments and long range magnification settings. You can easily adjust the scope and start getting the experience of long range shooting, which will never miss your target or point ever again. That’s the real quality of having this best rifle scope in your hands.

Water and shockproof:

Absolutely, the scope is all waterproof, fog proof, and as well as shockproof so that you can admire your shooting skills and learn some more techniques at the time of hunting. You can easily use this best rifle scope in any weather conditions without any fear.

  • Adjustable turrets
  • BDC type reticle
  • Lenses are coated
  • Optics are not scratch resistant at all.
Bottom line

If you want to go hunting in mostly rainy weather conditions, then you must choose this best rifle scope which is all waterproof and shockproof.

4. SWFA SS 10×42 Tactical Riflescope Mil-Quad Reticle 

According to our rifle scope comparison, we find out that this is the best rifle scope for beginners who start their learning process and want to achieve their starting goals of shooting. However, the best thing about this scope is that it could help you to provide you with the first fixed type which might be looking at so far.

Whereas, this powerful and easy to use best rifle scope offer you a set of high power magnification at 10x along with a 42 mm objective lens. So, now you could get a chance to view the clearer picture ever without any effort or losing the control. Also, the lens may have come with fully multicoated to offer you further protection.

Your scope and lenses will stay secure and protected them from scratch or any other dirt damage. And of course, it may also help to improve overall light transmission by which you can experience a quality-wise bright sight picture and get the optimal color contrast.

The best rifle scope which also offers you with its 3.9 inches of eye relief. The eye relief is here to give you a good view. Getting your target with a full focus and control, all thanks to its provided sight picture via eye relief piece.

That’s why we ensure you to experience this best rifle scope for your upcoming shooting and hunting moments and achieve your targets with a long range distance as well. You will surely like this scope, which is too light in weight and give you all the amazing features.


MIL measurement system:

The scope actually uses the Mil measurement system, by which you will be able to further make any adjustments to your elevation or windage marks at 1/10 Mil. This is the best feature for hunters to get a side parallax adjustment knob for the better hunting experience.

Brilliant performance:

Due to its ability to waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof, you will be able to start shooting even in the harshest weather ever. Always get the brilliant performance and lasting lifespan.

MATTE coating design:

Which is here to offer you the accurate handling and easy to use a scope. This matte coating design scope will make this best rifle scope into a durable piece.

  • Exceptional lens
  • Great adjustments
  • Good eye relief
  • Only comes with one magnification setting
Bottom line

So, choose this rifle scope for your hunting moments which allow you with the matte coating design and as well as waterproof functions.

5. Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Riflescopes

So with the help of this best rifle scope, you can easily get the magnification settings where you can also experience with the standard powers of 6x-24x. This is the best budget scope which will allow you to use the windage further and as well as elevation hash constantly marks via any of its magnification levels.

However, you can also use the MOA style measurement with this best rifle scope that could provide you with effective ways to shoot your target beyond the speed. Also, the scope has come with the glass-etched reticle that is absolutely sturdy made material and of course, stable enough to prevent any shaking effects.

Furthermore, this is the best rifle scope for you, which actually support the low dispersion glass, which normally collects and focuses radiation from the environment. You can easily experience more effectively shooting and hunting moments with it.

Thus, the lenses have made with the fully multi-coated feature to show you extra crispness of sight picture, even in the low light situation. Always get the brilliant contrast of colors and stability to perform better than ever. At the same time, these multi-coated lenses may also give you the feature of resistant to scratch or dirt damage as well.

You can also find the eye relief piece, which is generous, and this will allow you to get the fast focusing and control on your reticle. So, that you can achieve your targets and points even in the darkest moments just with the help of this powerful eyepiece.


Easy adjustments:

The scope may also provide you with the feature of exposed tactical turrets, which allow you to adjust everything according to your needs. You can easily adjust elevation, windage, and as well as parallax values to your liking.

Flat knobs:

Yes, the knobs slightly come with a flat design and they don’t take up space as compared to the other scope’s knobs. You can view your sight picture with better coverage and easy adjustments as well.

Durable material:

Finally, this is the best rifle scope for you which is apparently made from a single 30 mm tube of aircraft-grade aluminum. You can find this scope water, fog, and of course, shockproof. With the help of its sealed O-rings, it may give you the benefit of using it in any harsh weather conditions.

  • Excellent construction and durability
  • Changes magnification settings instantly
  • Good light/optics transmission
  • It has a thin reticle
Bottom line

Such a durable made material which makes the scope waterproof and shockproof so that you can easily utilize it in any weather conditions.

6. Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

This rifle scope likewise has magnification settings running from 6x to 24x, yet its reticle is available on its second focal plane. The reticle won’t seem to change size from the 24x setting, even though this will require a touch of estimation on your part at lower power levels.

The focal points are covered with two kinds of materials: XR and Armortek. The XR covering improves light transmission and lifts the sight picture given by the degree. The goals and shading loyalty it brings are at higher levels than many contending models.

The Armortek covering shields the focal points without any preparation harm and encourages them to keep up clarity even after the use of a longer period.

This is one of the best scopes for a rifle which may also provide you with the uncovered objective style turrets on every fundamental side of the degree. These enable you to modify your different windage, height, and parallax esteems with customizable finger snaps.

There’s an included Zero Stop highlight that gives you a chance to restore every one of your qualities to zero following to making a few improvements or modifications. You may find the best rifle scope, which gives you the chance to see the sight picture with more clarity and brighter feature.

However, it is also very helpful to provide you with genuine focus and targeting shooting so that you can start your practices ahead without losing the control or target. One of the best scopes ever for you, which is also very reasonable in price and offer you to experience the best quality of rifle scope.


Radius bar:

So, the best rifle scope which has also come with the included radius bar with the turrets. However, the bar will easily by allowing you to adjust the turrets via tactile sensation further much more accurately and as well as reliably.

Smooth magnification changes:

Another mechanical development is an accuracy plane rector system which is here to give you further the smooth magnification changes instantly. However, this amazing new development will prevent the scope’s lens from jamming.


It is waterproof as well so that you can use it in any weather conditions without any fear or loss. This is the best rifle scope for you, which double your performance and improve your shooting skills.

  • Perfect durability
  • Good magnification changes
  • Responsive
  • The eye box is really narrow.
Bottom line

This is the best choice for all those beginners and amateurs who love to start their shooting practices with an affordable scope.

7. Nikon Black X1000

This scope likewise has a second focal plane reticle. The degree can amplify at forces somewhere in the range of 6x and 24x. A 50 mm target focal point gives abundant light accumulation and a decent field of view, even at the most extreme amplification control.

Strikingly, the reticle is intended for use at the 18x power setting as opposed to the limit of 24x. This setting implies the scope will be truly exact with its hash marks at 18x power. One of the good rifle scopes available for you which improves your skills and shooting power.

The focal point has been glass-carved and is lit up. You can control how brilliant the reticle is with a little control in favor of the extension. There are 10 distinct degrees of red light, in addition to an “off” setting on the off chance that you need to depend on the extension’s unilluminated carved imprints.

Furthermore, the scope may also have come with the advantage of coated lenses that may prevent the damage and other distractions. You can find the antireflective and light boosting capabilities, all thanks to the lens coating feature.

Simultaneously due to the coated lens feature, it may help to stop the reflective light into the scope to further create glare. This is the best rifle scope for you which allow you to shot your target with the absolute power of long range shooting mode.


Adjustable knobs:

With the help of this unique feature of adjustable knobs, you can easily adjust the windage and as well as a side-focus parallax. This is the best thing for you to increase your adjustment choice and rather enjoy your shooting and hunting ahead adjuster as well.


Yes, the scope is all waterproof so that you can easily use it even in the rainy days without any hesitations or discomfort. You will surely love to use this scope, which is all waterproof made material.


The best reason to use this scope is its shockproof and fog proof ability, which increases your chances of better shooting as compared to your previous record.

  • Durable
  • Great adjustments
  • Easy to use
  • Not a higher power magnification reticle.
Bottom line

The best beginner scope with effective long range shooting capabilities that allow you to excite your shooting and hunting levels without any limit.

8. Bushnell Elite Tactical G2DMR FFP Reticle Riflescope (6-24×50-mm)

The best scope on the market which has a reticle on its main focal plane. It amplifies somewhere in the range of 6x and 24x power, consolidating with a 50 mm target focal point. The optics have been completely multicoated, improving light transmission, picture clearness, and focal point sturdiness all simultaneously.

However, the best rifle scope which may also cover with the Downpour Guard HD innovation that could improves this angle much further and has been incorporated to anticipate hazing or to saturate of the focal points even in very sticky or blustery conditions.

You will love to use the new and improved design made scope, which also provides you with the exchanging between amplification settings has never been simpler, because of the Throwhammer tech coordinated with the extension. This tech gives you a chance to change amplification control with a speedy flick of your finger.

Furthermore, the scope may also use all the Mil measurement system. Also, it offers you with a side parallax adjustment knob so that you can easily get all the adjustments without any hassle or complications. This one-piece feature will effectively allow you to go for some long range shooting.

Now, improve your performance and functionality with the help of this powerful and accurate long range scope that could give you the windage and elevation turrets are likewise accurate.


Durable construction:

Yes, the scope has been made with the durable construction by which you can manage to use for a long er time of period. This durability may increase the chance of better targeting and shooting capabilities.

3-inch sunshade:

Also, this best rifle scope has come with the exciting feature of a 3-inch sunshade. This shade is here to further provide you with both eye protection you can easily see through the lens even in the bright sunlight.

Scope cover:

Yes, the scope also offers you with its scope cover and as well as a turret tool. This is the most affordable and effective rifle scope for you, which allow you to improve your shooting practices and also get a better hunting performance.

  • Easy to change magnification levels
  • warranty and accessories
  • Great optics and coatings
  • No shockproof and fog proof.
Bottom line

If you want to increase your beginner level of shooting, you must try this rifle scope, which is too good in all aspects and offer with an affordable price range.

9. SWFA SS 3-15×42 Tactical Rifle Scope FFP Mil Quad Reticle 

This is the best rifle scope for you which offers you its high power magnification qualities. However, the magnification powers through 3x to 15x and flaunts a 42 mm objective lens along with a first focal plane reticle. So, when you use the scope, you will find a huge increment over to your performance and shooting skills.

The scope may also benefit you to view your target just with the help of this lightweight and compact size scope. It will become easier for you to further balance due to its smaller objective lens.

However, the best rifle scope which has a reticle that is a patented Mil-quad type. So, that this reticle offers you with a longer downward mark.

You can also find some of the better and convenient elevation adjustability. Whereas, the optics have made with the multicoated design to give you the improvement of better light transmission and as well as prevent scratch damage.


Excellent eye relief:

Yes, due to its eye relief feature, you can view your target with more effectiveness. This eye relief will also show you the kind of plenty of space for even to those higher power rifles.

MIL measurement system:

There could be both elevation and windage adjustment knobs, as well as you may also get a side parallax adjuster for better shooting experience.

All proof scope:

Yes, the scope is all proof like waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof to prevent any damage and give you the freedom of shooting.

  • Matte finish
  • Good reticle
  • Light and compact
  • Narrow eye box.
Bottom line

One of the best rifle scopes for you which allow you the fast shooting experience and give you the reason to improve your performance as well.


So, that’s the end of the best rifle scope reviews.

We hope you like the reviews and the products for sure. So if you are using one of those above mention products, then don’t forget to share your experience with our other readers and us as well so that they can choose the perfect one easily.














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